Electric Production

The City of Holton Power Plant has been in operation for over 100 years. The city currently has contracts with Kansas Municipal Energy Agency (KMEA), Grand River Dam Authority (Hydropower) and Western Area Power Administration (Hydropower).

Most of the city's energy comes from KMEA, of which the City of Holton is a member.  Holton is a member of EMP3, which is the third power pool established by KMEA. They also pay their generating member cities for their capacity.

The City of Holton also has its own source of energy with its Power Plant. The city’s Power Plant consists of eight dual fuel engines. The Power Plant is a very valuable tool for the City of Holton. Its cost of operation is still very practical. It is a source of energy used when there is an interruption in power being supplied by other sources. Due to interconnection restrictions, the Power Plant is required to generate all power above eight megawatts. The City of Holton has electric demands reaching twelve megawatts. The city’s Power Plant can usually be up and running to full capacity in about an hour or less.

Also the Power Plant is also a valuable tool in negotiating past and future contracts with energy agencies to keep the City of Holton’s energy costs at a minimum, now and in the future.

Ira Harrison is the Power Plant Superintendent.  He was appointed to the Superintendent's position in 2012 and has been with the city since 1983.